03 Oct 2022

Apache Mesos and Mainframes

The idea behind this theoretical software project is to run workload via Apache Mesos on mainframes. For example, to perform “One the Fly” calculations and immediately take over the results and process them outside of the mainframe. [Read More]

12 Sep 2022

Firecracker Executor for Apache Mesos

With the Firecracker Executor for Apache Mesos it becomes possible to schedule MicroVM’s in a Mesos wrapper. [Read More]

04 Sep 2022

Traefik v2.8.4 for Apache Mesos

We have deployed the latest Traefik version 2.8.4 with Apache Mesos integration as Docker Image available for download. [Read More]

28 Aug 2022

Update: Mini Cluster Desktop Extension v0.3.2

With our “Mini Cluster” Docker Extension, an Apache Mesos environment is provided in Docker Desktop. We want to support developers as well as system administrators in testing and developing frameworks for Apache Mesos. [Read More]

11 Aug 2022

Traefik v2.8.2 für Apache Mesos

Wir haben die aktuelle Traefik Version 2.8.2 mit der Integration von Apache Mesos als Docker Image bereitgestellt. [Read More]