OS/2, ArcaOS & DOS

Many older control computers in the industry run on DOS or OS/2. Both the hardware and the operating system are stable and require little maintenance. little maintenance. The failures are kept within limits.

But what to do if the hardware is defective? To get old but unused and working hard disks is almost hopeless. Whole computers almost hopeless. What to do if a backup was made and the software fails? Here I might be able to help. With a wide know how in IT, good relations to 3rd party hardware manufacturers and knowledge in electrical engineering I have created a foundation to help you. Just contact me and escribe the problem. Together we can find solutions.

Beside the care of the hardware which has come into the days I also care about the new programming or the extension of software which run on these systems. So I program among other things for:

  • DOS (16 und 32bit, ab 8086 CPU)
  • OS/2 Warp
  • ArcaOS
  • eComstation

I develop with the help of:

  • OpenWatcom (DOS)
  • GCC (OS2)
  • PDCurses (DOS, OS2)
  • SDL (OS2)
  • OpenCOBOL (GnuCOBOL)
  • VisualAge Cobol for OS/2
  • Sibyl (Pascal)