A mainframe is a complex and extensive computer system that far exceeds the capacities of typical server systems.

Typical applications include highly reliable processing of mass data (e.g., insurance company customer data), mass transaction systems (e.g., flight booking systems, ATM systems) or mission-critical data (e.g., ERP systems). Mainframes are increasingly coming back to the fore as part of server consolidation efforts and cloud computing. Along for the ride is the AVENTER UG (haftungsbeschränkt) to bring it towards server systems or even microservices when migrating Cobol or REXX applications. Thus, I have created a way to transfer mainframe applications into containers and make them REST API capable.

I’m specialized in the technologies:

  • MVS
  • z/OS
  • Cobol
  • REXX

I can support you with:

  • The migration of mainframe applications towards server technology
  • Migration of mainframe applications to container technology
  • New development or extension of existing Cobol or REXX applications under MVS and z/OS

ISPF unter z/OS