20 Oct 2023

Mesos-compose Release v1.0.0

I’m so excited to introduce version 1.0.0 of mesos-compose, a powerful tool for managing Apache Mesos workloads. Please read the following release notes to stay up to date with the new features and improvements: [Read More]

01 Aug 2023

Mesos-DNS Update v0.9.0

I’ve update Mesos-DNS to Version 0.9.0. [Read More]

15 Jul 2023

Unofficial Apache Mesos Update v1.11.0-0.3.0

I’ve upgraded my unofficial Apache Mesos fork to version 1.11.0-0.3.0, which now includes native CNI support for the Docker executor. [Read More]

25 Nov 2022

Software Update

There are a several updates of my software projects. [Read More]

31 Oct 2022

Update: Traefik v2.9.4 with Mesos Support

The latest Traefik version 2.9.4 with Apache Mesos integration is now available as Docker image. [Read More]