Mini Cluster - Docker Extension

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With our “Mini Cluster” Docker Extension, an Apache Mesos environment is provided in the Docker desktop. With this we want to support developers as well as system administrators in testing and developing frameworks for Apache Mesos. with this extension.

“Mini Cluster” provides an Apache Mesos with a manager and an agent. Apache Mesos can be accessed via via API, WebUI or Zookeeper. With the help of frameworks (e.g. our M3s) it is possible to schedule to schedule workload in the Mini Cluster.

The following ports are accessible from outside in the MiniCluster:

  • 5050 - Apache Mesos Manager
  • 5051 - Apache Mesos Agent
  • 2181 - Apache Zookeeper
  • 31000-31010 - Frei nutzbar

The extension is available through the Docker Desktop Marketplace and supports both x64 and arm64 hardware.