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Software Update

25. November 2022 There are a number of updates to our software projects.

Update: Traefik v2.9.4 with Mesos...

31. October 2022 The latest Traefik version 2.9.4 with Apache Mesos integration is now available as Docker image.

Apache Mesos and Mainframes

03. October 2022 The idea behind this theoretical software project is to run workload via Apache Mesos on mainframes. For example, to perform “One the Fly” calculations and immediately take over the results and pro...

Our Services


The AVENTER UG (haftungsbeschränkt) develops and supports microservice environments at customer sites as well as in own environments. The provisioning of servers and services must be done within a ...


DevOps describes an approach to improving processes in the areas of software development and system administration. It is an artificial word made up of the terms Development and IT Operations. It i...


A mainframe is a complex and extensive computer system that far exceeds the capacities of typical server systems. Typical applications include highly reliable processing of mass data (e.g., insura...

Microservices, Apache Mesos

The idea behind microservices largely corresponds to the Unix philosophy (“Do One Thing and Do It Well”). translated: “Do one thing and do it well”). For many years we have been developing for our ...

OS/2, ArcaOS & DOS

Many older control computers in the industry run on DOS or OS/2. Both the hardware and the operating system are stable and require little maintenance. little maintenance. The failures are kept with...

Software Architecture and Development

For many years we not only support linux server systems but also develop software for them. We are specialized in the development of: RestAPI Client/Server Systems Server Backend Distribu...


You have questions about our services, need a customized solution for your requirement or need remote support for Linux and OS/2? Whatever it is, we are available to assist you Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (CEST) via e-mail and chat and look forward to your inquiry!
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