Apache Mesos 1.11.0 Update

05. February 2021 Andreas Peters

Apache Mesos ist in Version 1.11.0 erschienen. Die neue Version stellen wir hiermit auf unserem RPM Repository (https://rpm.aventer.biz) zur Verfügung.

Release Notes (short)

This release contains the following highlights:

  • Mesos Containerizer now supports using pre-provisioned external CSI storage volumes by means of the new volume/csi isolator; the latter significantly extends the range of compatible 3rd party CSI plugins compared to the already existing SLRP-based solution (MESOS-10141).

  • The Scheduler API adds an interface allowing frameworks to put constraints on agent attributes in resource offers to help “picky” frameworks significantly reduce scheduling latency when close to being out of quota (MESOS-10161).

  • The CMake build becomes usable for deploying in production (MESOS-898).

Additional API Changes:

  • Breaking change Deprecated authentication credential text format support.