Mesos-compose Release v1.0.0

20. October 2023 Andreas Peters

Ich freue mich sehr, die Version 1.0.0 von mesos-compose vorzustellen, ein leistungsstarkes Tool zur Verwaltung von Apache Mesos-Workloads.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: mesos-compose labels to yaml labels. Transitioned mesos-compose labels to YAML labels. Refer to the documentation for an example.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Environment variables format. Modified environment variables format. Check the documentation for an example.
  • CHANGE: Moved Mesos specific functions into their own module. Reorganized Mesos-specific functions for better clarity.
  • ADD: Implicit reconcile to remove unknown Mesos Tasks. Implicit reconciliation to remove unknown Mesos tasks.
  • ADD: Default volume driver parameter DEFAULT_VOLUME_DRIVER. Added a default volume driver parameter for improved flexibility.
  • ADD: Set default values for Network and NetworkMode. Set default values for Network (default) and NetworkMode (user).
  • CHANGE: Set net-alias only if it’s defined. Set net aliases only if they are defined.
  • ADD: Support for on-demand scale up of an instance. Easily scale up an instance on demand.
  • ADD: Healthcheck for instances. Added a health check feature to monitor the number of running instances. Deploy missing ones if too few.
  • UPDATE: Optimized revive and suppress. Revive and suppress operations optimized for better performance.
  • ADD: Support for Docker ulimits memlock and nofile. Support for Docker ulimits for memlock and nofile.
  • FIX: Missing ports with UDP protocol. Fixed issue where ports were missing when using “UDP” as the protocol.
  • CHANGE: Optimized heartbeat. Optimized the heartbeat mechanism.
  • ADD: Shell flag for Mesos. Use a shell flag to treat the command as a shell command (e.g., /bin/sh -c ).
  • ADD: API endpoint for reregistration. Added an API endpoint to force a framework registration after Mesos loses track.
  • FIX: Default CPU resource. Fixed the default CPU resource.
  • ADD: API endpoint to suppress the framework. Suppress the framework using the new API endpoint.
  • ADD: Support for wss and h2c. Added support for WebSocket Secure (wss) and HTTP/2 Clear (h2c) protocols.
  • FIX: Custom Executor command. Fixed the issue where the custom Executor command was not set correctly.
  • ADD: Support for Mesos fetch. Download files during runtime into the container’s sandbox using Mesos fetch.
  • ADD: Scale up and down of Mesos tasks. Introduce the capability to scale Mesos tasks up and down.
  • FIX: Increase TASK_ID during task_lost restart. TASK_ID now increases during task_lost restarts.
  • FIX: Exit startup on Redis connection error. The startup will exit if a connection to Redis cannot be established.
  • CHANGE: Discovery name format. Changed the discovery name format to comply with DNS RFC standards.
  • ADD: Better support for Mesos containerizer. Improved support for the Mesos containerizer.
  • ADD: Command Attributes. Added support for command attributes.
  • FIX: Conflict resolution. Addressed conflicts between reconciliation and heartbeat that could lead to a task restart loop.
  • ADD: Customize Delimiters. Added parameters to configure delimiters for DiscoveryInfoName and DiscoveryPortName.
  • ADD: Constraint unique to run only one instance. Set constraints to ensure only one instance of a task runs per node.

Vielen Dank für Ihre fortwährende Unterstützung, und ich hoffe, dass diese Änderungen Ihre Erfahrung mit mesos-compose verbessern!

Weitere Informationen zur Verwendung finden Sie auf unserer Produktseite: Mesos-Compose Framework für Apache Mesos