Update: Ansible Playbook für Apache Mesos v0.18.0

22. October 2021 Andreas Peters

Das Ansible Playbook für die automatisierte Installation und Konfiguration eines Apache Mesos Stacks, hat eine Aktualisierung bekommen.


  • Change mesos default principal to “mesos”
  • Add possibility to configure multiple insecure registries
  • Add docker_options variable to configure multiple opt parameter for docker
  • Change Weave systemd to multi-user target
  • Fix mesos-dns wrong user
  • Change dnsmasq role to install on all server

Der Stack sieht nun wie folgt aus:

Manager node

Software version Role Install type
Mesos 1.11.0 Mesos Masters RPM
Marathon 1.10.17 Marathon masters RPM
Zookeeper 3.5.8 Zookeeper cluster dependencies to Mesos/Marathon RPM
Mesos-DNS 0.8.0 Service Discovery for Mesos Tasks RPM
Metronome 0.6.30 Schedule Server JAVA dependencies to Marathon

Worker node

Software version Role Install type
Mesos 1.11.0 Mesos Agent RPM
Docker 19.03.1-ce Docker engine RPM
Weave 2.6.0 Container networking Docker image
Weavescope 1.11.3 Container Management Docker image
DNSMasq 2 Container DNS RPM
Rexray 0.11.4 Persistant Storage RPM