Ansible Playbook fuer Apache Mesos

11. February 2020 Andreas Peters

Am 28.April 2017 haben wir den ersten Commit auf unser git Repository fuer das ansible-mesos playbook abgesetzt. Selbstredend das seitdem sehr viel passiert ist. Heute erscheint es nun in seiner Version 0.13.0 und bringt folgende Aenderungen mit sich:

  • Update apache mesos to version 1.9.0
  • Enable weavedns for container dns and mark consul as deprecated.
  • Mark Go Registrator as deprecated.
  • rexray plugins are deprecated now. We move it into the standalone server package. If you still want, or have to use the docker plugin, please add it i- the server-config.yaml playbook.
  • Add weave and weavescope restart via systemd
  • Remove mount/umount and mknod of the seccomp
  • Add ceph-client binaries to rexray
  • Update: Nodeexporter to version 0.18.2
  • Update: Weave to 2.6.0
  • Bugfix: Rexray systemd
  • Disable fastd in weavescope per default. have to enable it manualy.
  • Disable consul per defaults.
  • Add multiple storage provider example to rexray
  • Remove the old vagrant files

Der Stack sieht nun wie folgt aus:

Mesos Manager

Software version Role Install type
Mesos 1.9.0 Mesos masters RPM
Marathon 1.8.218 Marathon masters RPM
Zookeeper 3.4.6 Zookeeper cluster dependencies to Mesos/Marathon RPM
Consul 1.5.3 (deprecated) Service Discovery for Container Binary
Mesos-DNS 0.7.0 Service Discovery for Mesos Tasks Binary
Metronome 0.6.30 Schedule Server JAVA dependencies to Marathon
Nodeexporter 0.18.2 Metric Exporter Binary

Mesos Worker

Software version Role Install type
Mesos 1.9.0 Mesos slave RPM
Docker 19.03.1-ce Docker engine RPM
Weave 2.6.0 Container networking Docker image
Weavescope 1.11.3 Container Management Docker image
DNSMasq 2 Container DNS RPM
CAdavisor Docker engine monitoring Docker image
Registrator (deprecated) Register Microservies name Docker image
Consul 1.5.3 (deprecated) Consul Client Binary
Rexray 0.11.4 Persistant Storage RPM
Nodeexporter 0.18.2 Metric Exporter Binary